Innovative Solutions

RWPA have developed a unique Green technology that converts dirty post consumer ‘single use’ flexible plastic film into useful raw materials, without using water.

Single Use Plastic

RWPA have developed a unique technology to convert dirty post consumer use, Single Use Plastic Flexible Film into a useful raw material without using water.

Green Technology

RWPA are world-leaders in Green technology, developing high volume end-use markets from the raw materials.

Proven Capabilities

Over 80 million pieces of 'single use' flexible film packaging already processed into useful raw materials for Green products.

Leading green technology research and development

RWPA Solutions

RWPA Solutions (Pty) Ltd has devoted its efforts to poverty alleviation in South Africa through initiatives in the upcycling , clean energy, and affordable housing.

RWPA is an advisory consultancy and processing facility set up to develop:

  • Sustainable solutions for difficult to recycle rural and household multilayer and commingled plastic film waste .
  • Alternative cooking and heating solutions to reduce hazardous indoor emissions and reduce fire hazards, specifically within informal settlements .
  • Innovative, green and low-cost housing solutions .
  • Roofing and decking.

RWPA works in conjunction with local and international conservation and development organisations towards achieving these unique solutions.

Our Solutions, Products and Services

RWPA are the driving force behind the next generation of Green technology that meets and exceeds traditional industry standards of Quality Assurance.

Low Cost Housing

High Value, Low Cost housing and units created from our unique and patented recycling materials.


We are proud partners with Solving#7, an NGO that works with partners around the world to convert No 7 Plastic into school desks for under-resourced schools in Africa.

PVC Solution

PVC barge boards, facia boards, decking products and multi end use application PVC materials.

Production Capability

Our upcycling and processing facility leads the way in Green Technology, production capability and fuels our range of innovative products and services.

Cook Stoves

Our innovative Cook Stoves are paraffin replacement units that are greener, safer and more economical than paraffin units.

Waste Value Chain

We partner and work with a wide range of people and brands along the entire Waste value chain. From collection through to end-use products, retailers and global distributors.

Our Expertise

30+ Years of collective Experience in Recycling and Green Tech

RWPA have extensive experience in Green technology and upcycling applications, partnering with leading brands like DuPont to research, develop and innovate in emerging markets with products as diverse as Green Desks for schools and low-cost Green pod homes.

Research and Development
Upcycling and Converting
Innovative End-Use Applications

Thinking of Going Green?

As our Green technology meets and exceeds quality standards of traditional materials, we’re carving a niche as innovators in the Green space. Connect with us to find out how we can help you lead Green solutions, innovations and technology in your industry and region.

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