Low-cost homes

Low cost home interior

Green Technology

Low Cost homes

RWPA has developed a unique structural system which is both low-cost and environmentally sustainable . Over 80% of the structure is built with innovative materials made from commercial and post-consumer waste otherwise destined for landfill .

Quick and easy to assemble

  • Sustainable building materials
  • Protected from flash flooding , rotting and termites
  • Affordable and durable structure

Green Homes

Quality low-cost homes with a Green footprint that meet and exceed Agrément standards and requirements. High value, low-cost Green homes for the 21st Century.

Rapid Construction

Prefabricated elements enable rapid construction and facilitation of low cost, Green homes.

Multiple Applications

Multi-application purpose such as clinics, school classrooms and ECD centres.

Green Technology

The vast majority of the low-cost homes are from upcycled, Green raw materials produced by RWPA.

Smart Design

The stilts enable the low-cost homes to be built in difficult and challenging terrain.

Green Technology

Eco-friendly homes

‘With over 1.9 million informal dwellings in South Africa· RWPA are committed to improving the living conditions of individuals and families living in these adverse conditions. What we offer is a socially and environmentally sustainable solution to the urgent need for dignified housing and demand for alternative building structures.”

“Our goal is to enable scalable projects for the provision of Green homes in various neighbourhoods around South Africa and beyond.” 

Ghalib Janmohamed. CEO.

Green pod homes: providing an alternative solution

If you take Malibongwe Drive north out of Johannesburg, past Cosmo city, on the way to Lanseria airport you very quickly find yourself flanked on both sides by large, undeveloped plots. It is here, down a small, non-descript road that the team at RWPA Solutions have set up a new kind of housing marvel. Designed and developed from upcycled chip packets, bottles and other often forgotten plastic waste RWPA have created a series of small, fully-functioning buildings that today house a playschool for local children.

The buildings come in two primary sizes, and while most of the buildings are stripped down to function as a toilet block or storage areas, a few have been done to full specifications that include insulation in both the walls and ceilings, as well as electricity and in some cases plumbing. It’s a design that RWPA hopes to eventually take nationwide to fill the desperate need in the country for low-cost housing.

The houses are generally laid out as one large open room that includes a small kitchenette counter, as well as a bathroom that includes a toilet and shower. It’s stripped back and minimalist, but it is also, “Warm in winter, cool in summer, lockable and safe.”

The homes stand on stilts to ensure that wherever they are delivered they can be set up immediately without any need for earthworks on site.

“The stilts are made out of durable plastic too, to ensure that they can not be damaged by the elements, or eaten by insects,” he says, before adding that these buildings have already received approval from Agrément and are, as such, perfectly certified and ‘fit for purpose’.

Green Home Gallery

Take a peek inside our Green Homes


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our Green Pod Homes and stilts are Agrément certified and approved, making them both fit for purpose as well as safe.

Yes, you can. As the units are lockable, you are able to insure both the structure as well as the contents of the unit.

Yes, we have some pilot projects in the pipeline that will facilitate rentals of the Green Pod Home units. Our eventual goal is that no South Africans ever need to dwell in a shack again.

Thinking of Going Green?

As our Green technology meets and exceeds quality standards of traditional materials, we’re carving a niche as innovators in the Green space. Connect with us to find out how we can help you lead Green solutions, innovations and technology in your industry and region.

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