Single use Plastic Flexible Film

Single Use Plastic

Single use Flexible Plastic Film

The upcycling of post-consumer single use plastic film, including multilayered and metallised film, waste is globally problematic. No simple global volume solution exists.

RWPA has developed a simple, economic, cost efficient solution to this problem waste and has also developed volume end use markets for our recyclate.

RWPA has already collected over 400,000 kg ( over 80 million pieces of packaging ) dirty post consumer single use plastic film waste from the streets and household waste streams and has successfully converted this into a useful recyclate that has been converted into valuable end use products.

This was made possible using RWPA’s unique processing technology which has now been extensively tried and tested.

Pressure is on the multinational producers to either develop new policy solutions or find a way to upcycle this lightweight, and difficult to collect waste stream.

RWPA Solutions has developed the solution.

Single use Flexible Plastic Film

Not all plastics are created equal. Until recently, there was no recycling or upcycling solution to Multi-layered Flexible Film plastic and packaging. RWPA have pioneered a proven process that enables us to convert Flexible Film Plastic into useful raw materials that form the basis of mutliple end-use application products and services.

Rapid Turnaround

RWPA upcycling solutions are rapid and scalable, enabling high volume production.

Proven Capability

Over 80 million pieces of single use, flexible film packaging pieces already processed into useful raw materials.

Smart Technology

Unique technology development that converts post consumption waste into a useful raw material.

Sustainable Design

The conversion process from waste to useful raw material makes use of no water at all.

Partners in a

Virtuous Circle

One of the core aims of the ‘Virtuous Circle’ project, launched in South Africa in October 2016, has been to challenge assumptions.

Project partners DuPont and Rural Waste Poverty Alleviation Solutions (RWPA) have worked together on testing innovative methods of creating new products of genuine value from multilayer film packaging after it has served its original purpose.

 ‘While multi-layers play an essential role in preserving food, waste from this type of packaging has been growing steadily, so a solution had to be found,’

Thinking of Going Green?

As our Green technology meets and exceeds quality standards of traditional materials, we’re carving a niche as innovators in the Green space. Connect with us to find out how we can help you lead Green solutions, innovations and technology in your industry and region.

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